Backwards high heels

Scary Beautiful: Model Walks At 90 Degree Angle In Backward High …

high heels 2. Yes these shoes might be designed for an art project but as you watch the model heroically drag her feet across the floor …

Backwards Heels | f.

Backwards Heels | f.stop

Scary Beautiful’ backward high heels: Fashion trend or accident …

The massive heels appear to look backward on the foot so if you wear them your foot is pointing straight down the back.

Wear These Scary Backward High Heels If You Dare [

These ridiculously high heels that strap on backward are the work of artist Leanie van der Vyver and shoe maker René van den Berg.

Chelly’s: June 2013

Miks mitte ?

Scary/Beautiful: Backwards High Heels Look Painfully Strange

One step further than that are shoes with backwards heels. I kid you not. They actually exist. backwards high heels 2. Aside from the fact that they look …

Dancing Backwards in High Heels::..

Dancing Backwards in High Heels::.

backwards in high heels | Fashion | milo 3oneseven

backwards in high heels

Are these the most terrifying shoes ever? ‘Scary Beautiful …

Are these the most terrifying shoes ever? ‘Scary Beautiful’ designer Leanie van der Vyver creates towering bird-like backward high heels …

The Terrier and Lobster: Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 Backwards Heels

Backwards And On High Heels

Backwards In High Heels :: quot;…a biopic with kick…quot; 40311_484581613974_80169408974_6738721_7177441_n quot;…two hours of Hollywood glamor and magic…quot;

Backwards In High Heels @ CLE Play House | On The Go: CLE

Last night we saw the Ginger Rogers Musical “Backwards In High Heels” {BIHH} at the Cleveland Play House. While the Play House is one of Cleveland’s …

dancing backwards in high heels

South African artist Leanie van der Vyver and Dutch created these treacherously high backwards heels. Visit

Infamous Footwear: 20 Pairs of ‘Fashion Backward’ Shoes | Urbanist

These well-heeled examples are often high on form but short on function though some manage to come up short in both departments.


I guess high heels were too easy to walk on? One “fashion” designer seems to think so and thus created one of the dumbest things I have ever seen in my life …

Scary Beautiful: Model Walks At 90 Degree Angle In Backward High …

Scary Beautiful: Model Walks At 90 Degree Angle In Backward High Heels …

Dancing Backwards in High Heels | OGORMANDIAZ

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