Design your wedding dress

the Perfect
Wedding Dress?
Why Not Design it Yourself…

Wedding DressAfter
months (or years) of looking at bridal magazines and online wedding sites, you
have created an idea that is your dream wedding dress. The sleeves from one, the
bodice from another, the line of a third. You know just the color and material,
how the material will drape when you put it on and the way you will feel when
you see yourself in THE DRESS!

gather your best friends or maybe your Mom and your sisters to hit the shops and
set out to find the perfection you know is waiting in the bridal boutique. You
may be lucky and see the dress you want, but more often what you find is the same
pieces of perfection scattered around in different dresses. Everyone gushes about
how wonderful you look, but you look at your reflection and just know that you
haven”t found the dress that will fit the occasion.

you caught yourself wishing that you could take each of these bridal gowns and
combine them into your perfect wedding dress? You are not alone.

Brides today have more choices than ever before when they are picking a
wedding dress. Many of the old rules have been tossed out. For example, gowns
aren’t always white, they’re not always big and poufy, and they don’t have to
include trains that go on for miles. Vintage dresses are just as modern as the
latest designer offerings. Wedding dresses are not always gowns and some brides
are stunning in very stylish minis. A bride can feel free to choose a wedding
dress that fits her body type and personality. The number of options makes picking
the right dress more difficult than ever for today”s brides.

Are you looking for romantic or racy? Will your gown be out of a fairy tale or
a fashion magazine? Are you thinking white, off-white or a stunning dark color?
Will your gown be long, short, mini or have a detachable skirt to let you dance
the night away at your reception?

Make Your Own Gown